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Mpow iSnap Selfie Stick Review - Is It A Good Selfie Stick ?

Mpow iSnap Selfie Stick Review - Is It A Good Selfie Stick ?Mpow iSnap Pro features a grooved design that prevent its telescopic arm from twisting. It's a solid stick, with little else to set it apart from the competition.

The Mpow iSnap X takes a different approach from other selfie sticks. Instead of offering the monopod portion and two or more separate attachments of varying size and function to secure devices to, Mpow offers a one-piece solution. While this limits this particular selfie stick to securing only iOS- or Android-based smartphones to the end of it, this also greatly enhances its stability and portability. And it really is portable too at only 7.08 inches (18 centimeters) fully collapsed, so it can fit in large pockets while still extending all the way to a useful 31.88 inches (81 centimeters).

The Mpow iSnap X package includes the monopod itself, wrist strap, standard microUSB charging cable, and instructions. As is usually the case with selfie sticks amazon sells, setup is straightforward, i.e., you follow the same basic steps as any other device in this category.

This selfie stick is compatible with most devices (including cameras and smartphones of various models). It is compatible with various models of iPhones (iPhone 6+, 6, 5S, 5, 4S,4) and Androids (Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Samsung Note 10.1, Google Nexus 4, 5, 7, 8).

According to customer's feedback, it seems that it works really well even with other types of Android phones. The length of the phone should be preferably be less than 13.1 cm (even if it is longer it is fine because the phone holder has one open end) while the width of the phone can go up to 8.5 cm.

The setback of this selfie stick is that the supplier does not officially test the compatibility of this device with other phones (excluding those stated in first paragraph).

Connecting to the iSnap Pro Bluetooth Self-portrait Monopod selfie stick is easy. It’s just a standard Bluetooth connection. Charge up the selfie stick, make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is on, and then switch the power button on the stick to the “on” position. Your phone should find the device and pair with it automatically. Bluetooth will typically maintain a connection at up to 30 feet. The stick extends to just over 3 feet so this was fine.

There’s only one button to operate the stick. Once the stick is paired to your phone, you simply press the button to snap a photo. There’s no noticeable lag when taking a photo. This process is smooth and simple.

The killer feature of the Mpow iSnap X is the U-Shape design of the phone holder.  It folds flat to significantly reduce the size of the selfie stick when not in use as compared with other selfie sticks.

This is a really great feature because it makes it much easier to carry it around with you.  This will really be appreciated to those that are walking around an amusement park or other tourist attraction with lots of stuff, in addition to your selfie stick.  You can just put it in your pocket or bag when not in use.  It also makes it much easier to bring your monopod with you to regular events like a dinner with friends or a party.

At only 7.1 inches long when folded up, the Mpow iSnap X is a great selfie stick when it comes to travel. It can easily slip into a purse or pocket when not in use. Extended, though, it’s no small fry: its full reach is a whopping 31.5 inches. The Mpow iSnap X selfie stick has a built-in Bluetooth remote control, and the battery life is impressive. Set up is simple: it pairs with Smartphones in a minute or less! This selfie stick is durable despite being lightweight. Its U-shaped, spring-loaded clamp makes mounting and dismounting the phone simple and fast. For extra stability, the Mpow iSnap X even comes with an extra wrist strap. The only negative about this selfie stick is the occasional faulty shutter button, but these are few and far between. 

The Mpow iSnap Pro has stood out for many people because of the quality of construction and the feature set, despite the low price – often under $20 when on sale. A selfie stick that can pair with both Android and iPhones, it extends to around 40 inches, making it long enough for most people to use for any occasion. Of course, if you want more space and can set your phone up at the correct angle somewhere in a room or public setting, you can also bring the stick back with you to your group and use it to trigger a remote picture. The Mpow iSnap can stay paired with your cell phone over bluetooth up to range of a little over 20 feet. The stick is battery powered and can be recharged with the included Micro USB cable. One of the nicer features is its ability to hold most smartphones that have external cases attached to them. A hinge near the mount of the stick also allows the user to easily adjust the angle of the camera once it is attached.


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